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Betting exchange

What is the Betting Exchange?

The betting exchange is a system that allows that allows you to exchange the betting odds between bettors without using bookmakers. The trading of sporting quotas can happen in realtime, before but also during the carrying out of the sporting event, or, in other cases, for  example in the case of the possible victory of the badge, can be verified for a long time, for all of its duration.

The Betting Exchange

The Betting Exchange is a real market governed by rules, where the bets on possible sporting events can be between the players (both bookmaker and private) and in this case is often defined Sport Trader. Betting Exchange is a term defined by a society that has thought the thing, Betfair, an English Bookmaker that has decided to create the new base of exchange bets, that today it is considered, all over the world, the site of reference in the famous Betting Exchange and that can count on hundreds of thousand of active players.

But really unlike the traditional bets, where the value of the quotas is chosen by the bookmaker, inside the world of the Betting Exchange the fluctuations of the quotas are free and they are always stir in base to the interaction of the various wagers or to the intersection of their bet (question and offer). One of the many advantages of the Betting Exchange is that the sporting quotas can statistically be revealed taller (and therefore convenient) in comparison to those that are proposed by the traditional bookmakers, since they are not able to incorporate their ease that, in essence, is the real profit of the bookmaker.

The Betting Exchange is a real revolution inside the world of the bets, because it allows to all the players, not only to be able to aim on adetermined sporting event, but also to be able to sell a bet and to have the power to offer other bets, acting like a real bookmaker! The Betting Exchange offers, for the first time, the possibility to trade on quotas or live betting, following the game on the radio or on TV. The Betting Exchange is, without doubt, the future of many sports betting online.

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