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Betting Guide

Betting exchange

What is the Betting Exchange?

The betting exchange it is a system that allows to be able to exchange the quotas of sporting bets in direct way among the so many players without for strength to have to pass for the various quotations of the bookmakers.
The trading of sporting quotas can happen in realtime both before, that also during the carrying out of the sporting event, or in case of a result that term (as making an example the possible victory of the badge) can be verified for a long time for all of its duration.

Asian handicap

What is Asian Handicap?

The Asian Handicap is a valid occasion for all the wagers and is in potential way less risky in comparison to the usual one screened traditional Victoria-balance-Victoria. And’ possible to bet on the coverage or not-coverage of a Handicap from a team. An Asian Handicap is so determined by two components, The handicap Line and the Money Line.
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