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Bet1128 is one of the most known and sure bookmakers in the United Kingdom and on internet for the sector of the bets and the game online. l site proposes the best of the specialties of game is European and Asian. Been Born by the union between an operator of bets and game with base in England and some Asian investors with experience in the following sector, Bet 1128 propose an ample choice to the players that originate from the whole world.


It’s indeed very inviting the bonus that is devoted to the multiple bets that it allows to reach 130%.
All the new players that will become clients, can enter then to a good bonus that will be applied on all the multiple bets with 5 or more selected.
The least value that is gotten it can vary from the 5% of the potential win for 5 events and you/he/she can always increase some same percentage for every other event that is integrated up to the thirtieth one. The main point is to know how to choose all the events that have a quota really beginning from 1,18, they are considered therefore valid only the Non Void events, really for this motive the bonus that veins applied could be different from the proposed one.

Bet1128 Review

We are ready to still know one of the a little considered bookmakers in Europe  but with some notable abilities to be able to offer a valid service for all the people that want therefore to enter to belong to the world of the bets. Bet1128 has been online since 2010 and really in these years you/he/she has succeeded in being able him to make to appreciate on the Italian territory and it is already present in the world of the gambling from a lot of years, in fact it called Centurionbet. It doesn’t possess the license but work and all over the world in very regular way, with the license that has received to mortar and it decidedly proposes a vast range of qualitative products, also for the attention that is reserved to the clients.

In fact, many safety services are present both for the bets online that for the treatment of the personal data. They are indeed currently many the Italian wagers that have decided to enter to make part of the following bookmaker.

Options you deposit / collecting:

To be able to box all the wins that are gotten by the bets on Bet1128, the possibility it will be had to be able to ask for the amount desired in any moment and with the whole methodology of possible payment. Obviously all the accounts of game are managed completely in European, the system to be able to pour and to withdraw money is instant, the funds are totally to the sure one and they are managed by an institute financial leader in Europe.

The service of offered sure payment is Neteller, sure and rapid, it allows to be able to effect all the payments online in immediate way and without any expense of errand, click it will be enough on the card “Payments” and therefore to proceed with the application, must obviously assure that the name and the address e-mails of the holder are correct and identical to those brought on the paper. In alternative for payments and deposit it is possible to use:

  • Skrill
  • Credit cards or debt
  • Instant

Offered Sporting Bets

The events that are set in program every day they are indeed so many and they will allow you to be able to bet on as sports, not only  the  kick but also basket, tennis, motorcycling, form her/it one and so many other variations that are a little known but that it can offer elevated possibilities of profit. Is the offer very variegated and allows to be able to access an international experience inside the world of the bets online, that you say about wanting to know a new way to be able to play on the sport, directly in house, in very simple and fast way

Because not consider the fact that the least import for bet is equal to 0,50 European and the client is able in free way to choose on what events to be able to bet always concerning himself/herself/itself to the proposals offered by the company.



Offered so many Systems for the Multiple ones
  • Also betted Live on the hockey
  • Live Chat
  • Tall quotas
  • So many typologies of Bets Handicap
  • It also offers the Tombola and the Poker Online
  • So many types of Casino Online


The registration can directly be effected by the site official web, click the voice is necessary on you record, to insert  your own personal data and therefore to proceed to the opening of an account of game with the various methods of payment above cited for having the maximum safety.


Bet1128 and the world of the Sport are an unique world. And’ one of the few bookmakers to be able to offer the bets on the games of kick of the serious D. But it doesn’t end here bet1128 it enumerates inside the proper program of the bets on any of sport, from the basket to the F1, from the tennis to the rugby, and still baseball, motorcycling, boxe and many others bet1128 is like its owner.

Currently Bet1128 Sport offers a 215% bonus on the multiple bets that it allows to also place bets with small amounts and it is possible to see to increase the 215% probable win.

Country house

The Ace Country house, the Jack Live Country house and the Queen Live Country house of bet1128 I am able to propose indeed also various categories of games live and important progressive bonus. They are not missed to bet1128 the possibilities to be able to unite in these 3 casinos of his the whole charm that the casinos online know how to arouse to the impassioned one. Blackjack, Baccarat, Video Poker, Scratches straight & you Win and many others.

The transactions happen on sure server and the correctness of the game, it is valid of his, intrinsic quality of bet1128, and in the synonymous world of seriousness and rectitude.


Freeroll Series tourneys that a free entry they foresee with prizes in money, High Five Real Poker Bet1128 “Sit ‘n’ Go” where the best can get this way some good prizes day-dream, Triple Pair to take the same couple, from two to the King, for three times following to the same table cash that allows to win 100 €, to take a couple of Aces, to the same table cash for three times following it makes to win 200 €.

We are speaking of unbelievable and monthly promotions that wait for all the impassioned, Bet1128 Poker  propose another good reason to play with Real Poker. To the new affiliate a 100% bonus on the first deposit up to 500 €.