Runbet - Best Sports Betting Sites in 2017

Favbet is the bookmaker for the sporting bets, in the formality live, and it is able to be able to daily propose to all the clients an ample program of events on kick, basket, tennis, hockey on ice, volleyball, handball, American football, rugby, boxe and so many other sports.

The holders of the accounts of game opened with Favbet are able to be able to bet on virtual sporting events and you/they can play then to the Casino, also live, with the Roulette, with the Poker Hold’em, with the Baccarat, with the Blackjack, and with so many Video Slot.


Favbet proposes an interesting bonus on the wins up to 10% in more with the option “Multiple of the day”, a daily promotion on the sporting events among the most important. Favbet is able to select and to choose all the events to be able to insert inside the multiple bet, with a bonus regarding the equal final quota up to 10%, in way proper these have the same schedule of beginning and always in base to those that can be the preferences of the players.

This way making him/it wager will be able to be able to aim at a range of events at the same time without duty for strength to wait for the result of competitions for more days. The disadvantage of the following mechanism is that it won’t be possible to be able to achieve a coverage in the case not at all can miss only a last event to the win of the schedule.

Sporting bets

The offer of sporting bets of Favbet is very ample and has available hundreds of daily events on which it is possible to aim in single way or in played multiple. The principal page of the section betted sporting of Favbet is composed in such way immediately to jump to the eye the more important daily bets and also those “minute last”, or all those for which can miss only few minutes to the beginning of the event.

To be able to bet to the best, FavBet proposes only not the access online for the results achieved in real time, but for a rich section with all the statistics, from the classifications of the championships (we report there to the most important European championships and not only) to the sought after teams, passing up to the competitions among the more sought by the other wagers.

With Favbet it is possible to bet on virtual sporting events, from the kick to the tennis simulated with the concrete possibility, to be able to place you play her and to be able to follow in direct streaming the whole virtual event, through the reader technology  in its browser, whose result can be the result of a combination of artificial intelligence and an independent generator of casual number

Options deposit / collecting

On the account of game Favbet the payments are instant and without errands thanks to the employment of the credit cards of the circuits Visa and Mastercard, and also with the use of the systems of payment Skrill, WebMoney, QIWI, Neteller, Wallet One and Visa / Mastercard by Skrill.

The following formalities and the same systems of payment are approved for the collecting of the wins with all the applications that can be escaped by Favbet within mottos 24 hours and really to forehead of the application of these errands: with an European minimum of 10 thin to a maximum of 1.000 European for all the operations of collecting applications, the 1 ,5% of errand with the credit cards Visa and Mastercard, 2,5% with QIWI.

Some errand of collecting is not anticipated it is applied by Favbet for Skrill, for WebMoney, for Neteller and for Wallet One, while it is being therefore fixed and it is equal to 2,5 American dollars for every operation of collecting that is effected with Visa / Mastercard by Skrill.

To be able to withdraw the wins the dispatch is necessary to Favbet of the copy of a valid document of identity. This is done really to verify that the holder of the account of game can have the greatest age, and that the wins are not withdrawn by third.


To be able him to enroll in free way and to open an account of game they are enough two minutes, the site is entered to Internet and him clicca on “Recorded!” aloft to the right of the Home Page.

To be able to confirm the recording will be enough then validare the operation through the e-mail message that Favbet can send in automatic way to the client to his/her address e-mail that has subsequently been suitable in the center of registration. For the registration it is also anticipated a service of help that is accessible only in phase of recording through it posts electronics and Skype.


  • As options of bets
  • Stable Bookmaker and consolidated by the economic point of view
  • It proposes streaming live and a page well structured web
  • Possibility to be able to bet away telephone
  • More than 400 shops of bets in 8 countries in europe
  • Service clients always attainable online through e-mail or chat live


  • With the collecting through credit cards or Skrill the 2,5 errand is applied%
  • There currently are not a lot of available promotions on the bets
  • Assistance is not furnished for the American consumers

Selection of games and bets

Through the site it is possible to find all the sections on which it can be betted aloft in the red menù. These are: Sport, Live, Virtual Sports, Country house and Country house Live, Forex+, Tv Lottery and Promotions.

In the section Sport is possible to retrieve all the sports on which it is possible to aim his/her own money. In special way on Favbet is possible therefore to bet on Kick, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey on ice, Volleyball, Handball, American Football, Badminton, Pallanuoto, Lottery, Rugby League, Bandy, Snooker, Specials, Cybersports and Boxe.

Inside the section Live is possible to find all the events on which it can be betted in direct with the diary of the various scheduled events, the results Live, and the Favbet TV to see in directed the games in live streaming.

In the section Virtual Sports is possible to bet 24 hours on 24 on the virtual sports or games simulated in virtual way by the computer. The games that are available inside this section are Virtual football league, virtual Tennis and Virtual Sports.

In the section Casino is possible to find an ample choice of card games, from table, Slot machines, Video slot and many others still. In the section Casino Live is possible to play live with a true croupier.

From the section Forex+ is possible to bet on the financial market, for instance on the binary options, etc. Finally inside the section Promotions is possible possession access to all the promotions and the bonuses that are active of which use is possible then for its own bets on Favbet.