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William Hill

For all those people who love the game, it is impossible not to be able to know about the existence of the casino William Hill indeed; it would be as if an impassioned truth of motion didn’t know the Dukedoms.
Gives the long experience of William Hill, l reliability and the elevated quality of the software of game are his/her own principal qualities. The following casino is able to certainly deserve a place of absolute relief among the best casinos online that is authorized in Europe.

The phases of installation and recording are a lot of indeed fast, it is not in demand even to be able to confirm the activation of the proper account by email. If really we are wanted to be fussy it is decidedly annoying only the creation of a different account for the version of practice (or without true money).

For the formality of practice it is not possible to use its own logins, but a new recording must be inserted through the software of game. 3 minutes are in demand gives for entering!!!


The house that produces the software of game is the Playtech, one of the leaders in the sector.
William Hill doesn’t have any intention to propose games visas and seen again on other casinos, since the version that is employed it is unique and for this also inimitable As for all the casinos that also have a good reputation the following it can decidedly propose an audio and a graphics superlative.

The audio is well done indeed and decidedly not annoying, the graphics is well structured and some games have available a real rendering 3D with the possibility to be able to view its carrying out from various points of view. The fun that pure directly comes however from the games live.

As 888, William Hill is able to implement live a vast range of games, in which it is possible to sit to a table with other players and a real crupier, that it  is interpreted by one for this casino benefit girl of it. The games live that are offered they are the Blackjack and the Roulette. The game is not present arcade, but from the site as William Hill can be understood can be considered as one of the first virtual casinos having in his/her own repertoire the first Slot Online, currently available only in the foreign casinos.


William Hill has begun to be able to introduce bonus only to the end of 2011, nevertheless the only aspect of the casino on which is to detain well is us :

  • Bonus of Welcome: To all the new players that want it effects the first deposit, a percentage of money is furnished that must add him in base to the sum that is deposited, thin to a maximum accredited equal to 300 €. To be able to achieve the bonus of welcome, will be enough to play a minimum of 20 times the value of the bonus that is wanted to receive.
  • Club VIP: The bonuses are very convenient indeed, they  are offered in alone private way to the players VIP or all that players that have reached a preset level of fidelity.

Comp aims: If after having deposited money and played to the various games that have been made available, it is possible to accumulate some points that can be then converts in money to be able to play inside the casino. All the wins that derive from these points can immediately be withdrawn without special ties.

Deposit, collecting and assistance

On William Hill any form of payment and collecting is accepted: Paypal, credit cards, prepaid (understood Postepay) papers, banking transfers, and-wallet of every type (Neteller, Moneybookers, etc.)  Once that its own registry data have been verified near the center internet of the WillaimHill Departiment, the collecting it can be accredited within one working day.

As it regards the assistance it is possible to always contact the casino by email and street chat, a toll-free number it is present for Europe the activate 24 hours on 24 every day: 800 977 631. All the helps desks are of English origin, but surely you can also find someone who speaks the English language, to yours complete disposition for every doubt or perplexity.

William hill: the society

William Hill is a colossus among the bookmakers.  The William Hill PLC is born in 1934 introducing itself as one of the societies world leader for the sporting bets and for the games to distance.

In the 2010 William Hill it  has succeeded in bringing the clean proceeds equal to 1,07 million pounds (or equal to 1,2 million of European), having available all over the world 16.900 people with well more than 2.300 points sale. William Hill PLC is rated near the Exchange in London and his/her activity online you/he/she is totally managed by William Hill Online, created in 2009 and that to today it represents the 25% of the billing of the group.

From a few years William Hill has succeeded in achieving the license European to be able to operate on the English ground. Country house, Country house Live and Tombola are the products that are already offered by William Hill in Europe that you/they have gotten since immediately an unbelievable success. 

William Hill: sport rated

In the day of the debut, William Hill has proposed in primis of the quotas for the following sports: Kick, Basket, Tennis, Volley, Auto-racing, Rugby to 15, Bicycling, Motion GP, Freccette, Swimming, Hockey, American Sport, etc. There is not some sporting (but also politics or television) competition on which it is not possible to bet on!

From the day of his/her thin debut to today, the offer has decidedly been widened during the time: the organitation of William Hill is better one among rated of the sector.

William Hill: the advantage of the quotas

The quotas of William Hill are the best inside the panorama of the registered bookmakerses European. Indeed exceptional the quotas regarding the UK (especially the Series To) kick and on the European (Bundesliga, Liga and Premier League that propose quotas not arrived for the other books) kick. The middle convenience has gone since 3% to 10% in comparison to the competition.

In conclusion

From the whole critique it is possible to deduce that we are never of forehead to one of the best virtual casinos arrivals in Eruope  it is’ a country house that is lent very well to any player and also thanks to the experience that has been acquired since 1934, it is able to offer a product of elevated quality.